Yuki-furi-baba (lit. snowfall old woman 雪降り婆) / Shikkenken シッケンケン

ShikkenkenYuki-furi-baba is a yokai from Nagano. She appears as an old woman on days when snow is falling. She carries around string and ties up and abducts people she meets. What she does with the abductees is unknown.

Shikkenken is also from Nagano. She also carries around string and ties up people before abducting them. However, Shikkenken is believed to have only one leg, and her name comes from the sound of her hopping in the snow (up – shi, down – ken ken).

I’ve put them in the same post because they are probably variations on each other. The only real difference (other than the one-leg thing, which is a constant yokai variation) is that Shikkenken is generally depicted as a young, beautiful woman while Yuki-furi-baba is an elderly woman.

After reviewing the facts in my head, it has become clear to me that Shikkenken was a young pervert who pursued a bondage fixation into her winter years, at which point the locals renamed her Yuki-furi-baba.

This is a quick sketch I did, sorry it sucks, you’d be surprised how few copyright free images of Shikkenken are available.


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