The main page of the blog displays posts as I make them, but if you click on the menu at the top, you can browse yokai, Shinto Gods, urban legends, and topical posts (e.g. bathroom assailants including yokai, ghosts, urban legends, etc…).

This blog is an attempt to add a scholarly and hopefully entertaining resource for readers who want to know more about yokai, Shinto Gods, and urban legends in Japan.

Feel free to contact me if you’d like to know about a specific topic. My name is Rebekah Harmon and I work in translation and interpretation in Tokyo. I can be reached at: yokaigrove@gmail.com

General Information posts:

Yokai Etymology


4 thoughts on “About

  1. yokaigrove says:

    Thanks Matthew! I’ve stumbled on your blog several times in the past and I love it! (and Zack’s too! *2 years late in responding = m(_ _)m) Hopefully I will have time to put more lesser-known and regional yokai on here soon 😀 So far my blog has been more like a-yokai-a-year…(笑)

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